Today, Capcom-Unity held a live Q&A with Niitsuma-san, the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom producer, where he answered a ton of questions on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom via Ustream. Both the translator and Niitsuma-san seemed like pretty nice people. So the translator and Seth Killian picked questions that people in the live chat were asking. I asked a few questions, and I got two answers. It ended up running for around a half-hour. I’ll try to put the question asked and the general gist of the answer given from what I remember.

Please note, that these are not exact quotes, but a gist of what I remember and got from the questions and answers.

Question: Something about online play in general…didn’t catch the question though

Answer: The game uses a system where if you cheat by disconnecting all the time or trying to beat the system instead of just play the game you will be matched to play with other people who play like you i.e. cheat. (There was more on this, I didn’t catch it all however)

Question: How was it balancing the game?

Answer: Because the focus of the game is fun for everyone, it isn’t as tightly balanced as say Street Fighter IV. No characters were favored, but there definitely isn’t as tight of a balance as a hardcore fighter.

Question: Why no Resident Evil characters?

Answer: Basically they have a very dark atmosphere about them, and it wouldn’t have worked out to well with the general gist of the fighting game for everyone. Not many of the characters are too dark in that style and it could have possibly upped the rating (F.Y.I. Japan uses an A,B,C,D rating where the ESRB in the U.S. uses E, T, and MA). Basically a higher rating could potentially lessen sales.

Question: Why use Mega Man Dash in the game and not the classic Mega Man?

Answer: Essentially the response was, while the original Mega Man is cool, Mega Man Dash has a variety of weapons and moves we could use in the game, where as the original Mega Man only has his blaster.

Question: How did this game come about? Did Tatsunoko approach Capcom vice-versa? (I asked this question)

Answer: Niitsuma-san responded by saying first Tatsunoko approached Capcom about making a game [with Tatsunoko characters] and Capcom thought it would be a good idea to make a Vs. game with both properties.

Question: Could you please go into depth more about the mini-game?

Answer: There is one shooting mini-game in the game, we didn’t do a bunch of mini-games because at the time we made the game fan feedback was against many smaller mini-games, so we decided to focus on just one enjoyable, great mini-game. It really means a lot to me when a developer does these types of things to promote the game for the fans! It was a nice way to get an insight on how he felt about the game.

Question: What was your reaction to the internet information leak of the new characters?

Answer: While the leak was upsetting, I think it helped with the publicity of the game and in the end wasn’t a bad thing for it.

Question: Why no Dante from the Devil May Cry Series? Answer: At the time we were making TvC, Devil May Cry 4 was just released and we were unsure of the fan reaction to adding him to the roster. You see now, all over the internet, that fans wanted Dante in the game. If there is a sequel to the Vs. series, we will try to put Dante in it.

Question: Why no Breathe of Fire or Power Stone characters?

Answer: There were ideas for both series to be in the game, but due to similarities in fighting styles it wouldn’t have made much sense to incorporate them.

Question: Why were the anime cut scenes at the end discarded?

Answer: We ran out of time to get them all licensed and approved, but there are still character stills in the game.

Question: Possibility of a sequel?

Answer: Yes, if the game sells well enough and enough fan support is there, there could very well be a sequel. (This wasn’t a confirmation or anything of the sorts)

I hope the Q&A insight helped out any fans. It was definitely cool to be part of the Q&A experience. Thank you Capcom-Unity, Niitsuma-san’s Translator, and Niitsuma-san for taking your time to doing something this satisfying for the fans!