I live in NJ, who just got hammered on Wednesday with a big snow storm! The biggest in a few years if I remember correctly. This lead in to two snow days in a row, then piggybacking off those two snow days is a four day weekend for President’s Day Weekend. So in total I have a six day weekend. :)

On Tuesday I knew that there was a possibility of this happening, so I picked up Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International- for the PS3. I played the Xbox 360 version last year for about 5 hours and never really touched it again. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the game, the battle system was fun and the characters were interesting, but I didn’t have enough time to really play and enjoy the game (there were some problems though, like the English voice acting, 3-discs long, and CG portraits and menu style). It turns out the PS3 version fixes mostly all of the problems in the original, there is a choice of menu style (CG or anime), Japanese of English voices, the game is on one Blu-ray disc, and there is a bunch of different text language options.

I’m roughly 8 hours into the game and further than I was with the Xbox 360 version. The Japanese voices are less annoying and much more pleasing to listen to. I love the look of the characters in the anime portraits whether in the menu, during conversations, or in battle. It just looks more in place in my mind. This release of the game is definitely the definitive version of the game. I’ll keep playing as much I can, hopefully I can finish it before Final Fantasy XIII comes out.