I think it is worth posting that two weeks ago I got a black 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV. I picked it up the Monday after the launch on a whim. I traded in my DS lite for a special promotion, which I think was worth it.

I will do a longer post and write up on it soon, but for right now some initial impressions are important.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. I think the system will grow and become even better over time. As of right now, the system is just okay. It isn’t fully featured, the friend code system still sucks, and there is a lack of interesting and quality games.

What I like about the 3DS:

  • The analog nub: feels smooth and works great.
  • The weight and size: just feels right when I hold it.
  • The impressive graphics: games look great, especially MT Framework games like SSFIV3D.
  • Street pass: possibly a selling point of the system, street pass is frankly awesome. I have a few friends and random people I have passed, and it is just really neat.

What I don’t like about the 3DS

  • The d-pad position: it cramps my hand to use the d-pad, which is never a good thing.
  • Lack of features at launch: there is no shop, there is no web browser, there is no friend chat, and there is just a lack of anything interesting to do with the system.
  • The 3D: it gives me a headache and messes with my eyes. I mean honestly, this is okay with me. 3D movies like Tron Legacy make me feel sick too, so this was expected. I just play with 3D off, it still feels gimmicky to me. However, 3D wasn't a selling point for me on this system.
  • Lack of good launch titles: I mean really, the only title I thought worth buying was SSFIV3D. Nintendo disappointed fans with their basically lack of any worthwhile launch titles. Hopefully, they give their fans what they want before E3 with Ocarina of Time 3DS and Kid Icarus.
  • The cumbersome friend code system is still in place. However, there is no longer an individual FC for each game, it is strictly system based. It is still a little of a pain to have to register a friend and have them also register you. It is non-sensical, and Nintendo should have definitely gone with a username system, it is 2011.
  • The lack of a way to communicate with friends: there is no text chat, voice chat, etc. It is impossible to communicate with people through the system. I hope this is something that gets changed, as it just seems basic and Wii like...kind of like something from 5 years ago.
  • Battery life: the battery life is pretty weak. I remember my DS lite playing for about 9 hours on some charges. The 3DS lasts about 4 with 3D turned off. This isn't that bad, but still inconvenient.
  • Dust magnet: the 3DS just attracts fizzles like it's its job. It is frustrating and really bothers me. I get why consoles get released glossy, for the shinny affect. However, matte is the way to go, always. ._.

I think the 3DS has a lot of potential. It is a reasonable price, looks great, handles great, and has a lot of neat features. A lot of the problems are addressable, especially as the system gets updated. I think that once more titles are released and studios figure out the right way to do 3D, the system will be amazing. There are a few titles on the horizon to look out for like Ocarina of Time 3D, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked!!, and Cave Story 3D.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D is an amazing looking port of the console versions. It plays smoothly, has online battles, and the entire roster from the console version. It is a blast to play with friends too, but it is sadly missing Japanese voice options. Some of the English VA is irritating, especially Makoto’s, who I’ve been playing mostly. Overall, I will be enjoying playing this and my backlog of DS games.

Sadly, I am currently the busiest I have ever been, in my entire life. I have only played with the 3DS about 10 hours, which is disappointing. I will definitely be sinking more time into playing it when classes end on April 29th.

If you got a 3DS, tell me what you think. Do you agree with my points?