Super Street Fighter IV, the sequel to Street Fighter IV, has been confirmed. It will be released as a completely separate disc not as DLC. However, it is said that this disc will not be released at full price. This announcement actually took me by surprise but not in a bad way. I wasn’t sure if it was too soon for this, or if there is a reason to justify it. I just hope Capcom doesn’t pull an ODST and end up charging full price for something that is an expansion/not worth full price. This has a lot of potential to fix what needs to be fixed and the ability to add some potentially great things.

Nothing has been said about an arcade or PC version, but it is suppose to drop for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in Spring 2010.

SSFIV will include eight new characters, with three revealed already. Those three being T.Hawk, Deejay, and a new character Juri. I personally didn’t miss Deejay or T.Hawk so this isn’t a big deal for me.

These are all the details I know about for sure, and I am sure there are more. However, I have some bones to pick with SFIV, so this is a chance for Capcom to redeem themselves.

What to fix/add/remove: <ol>

  • Fix or just remove Seth completely. He is literally the most annoying part of the game. Beating him in arcade mode isn't rewarding in any sense. I play games to have fun, not to be frustrated beyond belief because the final boss is a combination of every character and pulls off the cheapest moves. I understand it makes it more difficult and it is suppose to mean something when you beat him, but when I would beat him by chance or button mashing I didn't feel like I accomplished something.
  • Add six to eight person rooms for online. SSF2THD did this so well, as did BlazBlue. I enjoy taking a break from the fighting and watching a few other people play. It is a way to develop strategies while also learning weaknesses. This style of play also allows groups of friends to play with each other more easily. Whether it is king of the hill or round robin, both modes are fun to play. I couldn't believe that this wasn't in SFIV when I picked it up at launch.
  • Add a real tutorial for beginners or people who aren't to great at the game. The section of the game where you could practice combos and moves wasn't to instructional or helpful. At most points it became impossible to do any of the combos, and I ended up barely ever touching this mode. The learning curve was pretty steep for new comers.
  • Remove and replace the terrible song in the opening and menu. It was annoying, generic, and sounded terrible.
  • Add more stages to the game, the more the merrier stage wise. It will be nice to see something fresh, instead of the stages that I have been playing with for over half a year.
  • With two new characters that I am not interested in, and one semi-interesting female character, you have five more chances to do some pretty sweet things character wise Capcom. I'm expecting some surprises, whether it be a throw-back to some more older franchise characters or just new characters, there is a lot of potential.
  • Please remove the anime sections of the arcade story segments at the beginning and the end. The in game engine is so unique and fits the style so well. Seeing the story sections rendered using this engine would look very good and keep the same feel and style. The animated segments just felt bland and boring. They didn't do the characters justice.
  • I wasn't to fond of having to pay for additional colors for the characters outfits. This really bothered me because I didn't feel like it was worth the money even though I really wanted them. It seemed like a rip off and an easy way to make money. While I do support companies making money, do it through something worth while. I don't want to pay money to unlock something that was clearly already in the game or added through only a few lines of coding.
  • Allow SFIV players to play against SFFIV players and vice versa. This may be a difficult task due to new characters appearing in SSFIV, but I am sure there is a way to work around this. I would really hate to see a lack of SFIV players because of SSFIV being released.
  • </ol>

    If Capcom handles things right Super Street Fighter IV could warrant a day 1 purchase. I really enjoyed Street Fighter IV minus a few minor annoyances. If SSFIV is released at 40 or 30 USD dollars it would be a steal for new comers, and it may just be worth it for people who bought the original Street Fighter IV.