Today’s video of the day features one of my favorite Japanese rock bands, the Pillows. After 20 years they are still pumping out solid rock albums. It hasn’t gotten old yet, and every album somehow brings in something new to the mix, while still keeping that Pillows feel.

This video really brings back the memories of watching one of my first anime series, FLCL way back in 2004 on Adult Swim. I had no idea what it was, but every Saturday night I would stay up late to keep watching it. “Ride On Shooting Star” was the song for the closing animation. It was just crazy, your following this live-action Vespa bike with some awesome animations. FLCL to this day remains one of my favorite shows. It is short, sweet, hilarious, and full of action, which makes it a blast to watch. I’m glad I purchased the DVDs, even at such a young age. They are somewhat of a collector’s item in my mind and a piece of my early teens. FLCL introduced me to The Pillows and what eventually turned into a liking of various JROCK and JPOP bands.